High Country Chorus | Quartets
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The Cuckoos

Kay Davis – Tenor
Jacque Reinig – Lead
Carolyn Speer – Bass
Christina Monsolino – Baritone

Once upon a time, three birdies and a hatchling gathered to sing from the tree tops. They realized they were having so much fun and sounded good too, so they didn’t want to fly apart! They perched themselves in a nest and began to rehearse their feathers off, only pausing occasionally for water and birdseed. (okay, chocolate) It was love at first chord and they became an official flock to rehearse regularly. (okay, get together to laugh a lot and sing a bit) Tenor Cuckoo, Kay; lead Cuckoo, Jacque; baritone Cuckoo, Christina; and bass Cuckoo, Carolyn, blend their voices in barbershop harmony and always manage to find a way to “cuckoo-ize” all of their songs. The Cuckoos are available to fly to your nest and sing for your flock. Contact: Kay at kdavis39@mac.com or 303.957.7015.


Marchelle – Baritone
Kathy – Bass
Sherry – Lead
Barb – Tenor

DayTimers was formed in 2006 to meet the requests for performers during the work week. Tenor Barb, and lead, Sherry, are original to the quartet, bass Kathy, joined in 2010 and baritone, Marchelle in 2014. Our goal is to represent High Country Chorus and Sweet Adelines International with quality a cappella singing in the barbershop style. Given enough notice, we can tailor our performance to the theme of any event and we welcome opportunities along the Front Range any time of year. Contact: Barb Myers, 303.452.0479.

Four To The Bar

Trudy Pardee – Baritone
Debby Hartke – Bass
JC Ford – Lead
Gail Shannon – Tenor

Four to the Bar … four friends with many years of barbershop singing experience among them. The name “Four to the Bar” of course refers to a time signature of four beats to the measure, but does make reference to where you might find the quartet after a performance. Baritone Trudy Pardee, member of High Country Chorus, and bass Debby Hartke, who sings with Skyline Chorus, are sisters who grew up singing German folk songs with their mom. Trudy is trying to sneak German words into their barbershop songs and so far has managed the word “wunderbar.” Lead JC Ford and tenor Gail Shannon both sing with Skyline and make up the rest of the Barflies.

Ruby Blue

Rebecca Richards – Lead
Jocelyn Nguyen – Bass
Heather Tavel – Baritone
Cindy Wadsley – Tenor

The members of Ruby Blue Quartet have been together for eight years and it feels like it’s just the beginning! Sharing the beauty of the barbershop style is a large part of Ruby Blue’s reason for existence, so you’ll likely find them performing wherever they go! They love to educate as well and have been faculty for various youth harmony schools throughout the central United States. Ruby Blue Quartet has won the 8-state Rocky Mountain Region 8 quartet contest five years in a row and has proudly represented Region 8 at the Sweet Adelines International contest the last six years running. Cindy, Heather, Jocelyn and Rebecca have a large and varied repertoire and love to entertain. Please contact them at facebook.com/rubyblue.quartet

Spring Fever

Susie Summerhays – Baritone
Carol Shouldice – Bass
Carrie Bauer – Lead
Carol Simpson – Tenor

These four “buds” have many things in common and amongst them, they are all spring “babies,” love the miracle of spring, and they delight in singing barbershop songs. Like spring, Spring Fever quartet is a study in rebirth. Lead, Carrie Bauer, joined bass, Carol Shouldice, tenor, Carol Simpson, and baritone Susie Summerhays, in 2014 and they have been blossoming ever since. Each member brings a different set of talents to the quartet resulting in a “feverish” synergy. They would love to grace your musical garden throughout all the seasons.
Contact: Carrie, 303.817.6821.

Would YOU like to form a Quartet? Click the links below for information!